What Home Improvements Add the Most Value

Are you considering remodeling your home?

Remodeling your home can be a great pastime.

Moreover, by renovating your house, you are also bringing in positive changes by enhancing the overall décor of your home.

There is no denying the fact that various home improvements tend to add great value to your home.

When you invest in remodeling your house, its overall value increases significantly as you will be making any sale.

If you are looking forward to bring about effective home improvements, here are some useful ones that could enhance your home’s value:

Hardwood flooring refinish

Refinishing of the hardwood flooring might involve a lot of manpower and time.

However, the results turn out to be amazing towards accentuating the overall looks of your home.

As per a recent report, refinishing of the hardwood floors tend to have a high project recovery value of as much as 100 percent.

This implies that in the given study 100 percent of the entire project costs had been recouped when the particular houses were sold.

On an average, the refinishing of the hardwood floors might cost around $2500, but the aesthetic and monetary results are all worth it in the end.

Moreover, it also makes the hardwood flooring last longer.

Minor bathroom renovations

With an average return during resale at 102 percent, the minor renovations brought about in the bathroom area could be highly profitable.

Costing around $10,500 towards replacing the bathroom tiles, tub, toilet, sink, faucets, fixtures, vanity, and flooring, you might get around $10,700 during resale –generating a recoup rate of 102 percent.

If your bathroom tub is too large, you can get re-glazed for offering a new finish at just around $300-$400.

Additionally, you can also go for removing the outdated wall coverings, damaged walls, and other dull items in your bathroom for a refreshing look throughout.

Insulation upgrade

Though this might sound not too pleasing or aesthetically exciting remodeling venture, it is important to ensure that the insulation system in your home is working perfectly.

This will significantly affect the overall value of your home.

As per a recent report by NAR, when you bring about effective insulation upgrade in your home, it tends to have around 95 percent of the project recovery value.

An effective insulation upgrade will make your home highly energy-efficient and will ensure a comfortable living to the home-dwellers under all weather conditions –making your home cooler during summers and warmer during winters.

Though upgrading your home’s insulation system might not enhance its aesthetic value, but it will definitely escalate the monetary value.


With an average return during resale at 100 percent, landscaping is another important aspect to be considered by the home-owners.

Not sure where you should start?

There are several local garden centers or service providers offering the landscaping improvement services.

A splash of bright colors on the home’s front tends to be highly eye-catching at the first glance.

For creating a maximum impact, make use of a single color and create variations in the height of the plants.

If the doorway of your home is filled with ample greenery, trim them to create more space and an overall clean look.

A magnetic focal point like the fountain or a walkway adds significant value to your property.

Kitchen upgrade

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home.

It is that place of the home wherein you along with your family tend to spend the most of quality time.

When you have an upgraded kitchen with amazing looks and high-end features, your kitchen can definitely help in selling the house quickly and at greater values.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your kitchen area is well-kept and maintained properly.

A full-time kitchen renovation might turn out to be slightly expensive.

As such, you can go for upgrading minor details like replacing the countertops, upgrading the appliances, applying a fresh coat of paint, and other changes could work a long way towards appealing the buyers.

As per a report, the kitchen upgrade tends to have an average project return value of around 67 percent.

Exterior Improvements

Having an attractive curb appeal of your home can play a major role in getting ample attention from your visitors.

With an average return during resale at 95.5 percent, the improvements done to your home’s curb appeal can be highly lucrative.

A gallon of paint can be used for covering around 400 square feet of the house.

For an overall updated look, remove the old, outdated awnings from the doors & windows of your home.

Additionally, switch damaged wrought-iron railings with real wooden support to ensure a more welcoming entry.

Give your bare, charmless front porch an amazing makeover by adding columns and a pergola.

Basement remodeling

With an average return value during resale at 90.1 percent, the basement is another area of your home that you must consider upgrading for increasing the value of your property.

Go for refinishing the walls and flooring of the basement area for a refreshed look.

Always try to fix the flooding problems (if any) first before anything else.

Add bigger gutters, French drains, or try re-sloping the yard for keeping the water out of your home’s basement area.

Make sure that you have tested the fixes well before investing any additional changes into the room.

Cover the concrete floors with modular flooring that is easy to install and will not be too cold during the winter season.

You can also include attractive carpets and rugs to enhance the overall looks.

Try out these major home improvements that tend to add a great deal of value to your home.

By ensuring these changes in your property, you are increasing the value of your home during the sale.

If you have home-selling in your mind anytime soon, it is important to bring about major home improvements in order to obtain higher profits during the sale.

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The Importance of Curb Appeal

Are you planning to sell your home anytime soon?

While selling your home, the curb appeal of your home plays a vital role in accelerating the overall process.

The curb appeal of your home refers to the value of the home’s exteriors.

If it is said that the given home has a curb appeal, it implies that the home appears attractive to the visitor’s eye and inspires confidence from the seller’s end.

Ensuring that your house has a great curb appeal helps towards speeding up the sale of your home.

Moreover, it can also help you in boosting your overall profits as an enhanced curb appeal will have a positive effect on the buyers.

Even after its immense importance, unfortunately, several home owners tend to ignore the overall curb appeal of the home when putting it out on the market for sale.

This, however, turns out to be a huge mistake.

Not putting relevant efforts in enhancing the looks of the exteriors of your home towards appealing the end buyers can cost you the entire sale and might even drive down the potential value of your home.

If you wish to analyze the importance of the curb appeal of your home, here are some pointers for you to ponder over.

The first thing that buyers see

Your home’s curb appeal is going to be the first thing that the buyers or visitors to your home will be observing.

It is a common tendency that buyers start assessing the exteriors as well as the landscape of your home almost instantly.

This leads to the formation of the first impression with respect to your home.

The initial impression tends to be very powerful.

It helps in setting the tone of the home instantly and will majorly affect how buyers will be perceiving the remaining property.

Perceived maintenance of the home

The overall state of your home’s exteriors & landscaping will imply a lot to the visitors.

It is believed that the curb appeal of your home usually matches the home’s interiors.

If the exteriors of your home have long, unkempt grass along with peeling or fading paint of the house, cracks in the driveway, and other possible symptoms of no proper maintenance, it is going to have a significant negative impact in the minds of the buyers.

Poor curb appeal can be a deal breaker

There are several buyers who do not even bother going inside and observing the rest of your home in case they are not impressed with the curb appeal of your home.

If the exterior of your home is unimpressive, buyers will not be enticed in seeing what lies beyond.

Therefore, the curb appeal of your home will have a major impact in either making or breaking the deal with the end buyers.

Make your home stand out from the competition

Poor or blank curb appeal can easily make your home forgettable.

When your house has an attractive exterior with sprawling, lush green lawns that are well-organized and well-painted, there are higher chances of it standing out from the rest in competition.

By ensuring the same, you can guarantee the quick selling of your home to the potential buyers in an effective manner.

Increase in the perceived value of your home

Small, intricate details like dead or unkempt grass, flowers, paint, or old gutters could significantly reduce the perceived value of your property just like the larger details.

While visiting your house, buyers observe everything while walking up to the front portion of your house.

As such, if the curb appeal has some issues, the buyers are definitely going to observe them.

Any problems that are registered in the buyer’s mind will be eventually reducing the overall value of your home.

For ensuring the quickest sale of your home, curb appeal of your home matters a lot.

As such, you should never ignore it.

There are several ways of improving the home’s curb appeal in an effective and budget-friendly manner.

If you are skeptical about the changes that you should do to improve the curb appeal of your home, you can consider taking professional help.

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You can also take a look at this video about curb appeal from Lowe's that will show some additional ideas to try out.

Steps To Preparing Your House For Sale

Ready to sell out your home?

As a seller, you would definitely wish to sell your home quickly and with the highest profits.

However, in order to ensure this, a lot of advance planning and prepping up goes into play.

Right from preparing your house for the sale to staging it right –there are a lot of factors that you need to consider while selling your home.

Owing to the high availability of high-end luxury homes as well as affordable real estate options out there, the buyers have become quite picky.

Buyers keep looking for the best as per their unique requirements.

Therefore, if your home is not in its pristine condition, it could easily slip through the buyer’s mind.

To help you out, here are some pro tips to aid you in preparing your house for a quick sale.


You must, first of all, accept the fact that you have to let go of your home some day.

Learning to let go is the most important aspect of preparing yourself and the home towards a quicker sale.

To ensure that you do not attach yourself much to the house anymore, pack away all your personal photographs, family heirlooms, and other private items.

The buyers should not see such artifacts as it would be difficult for them to imagine the house as theirs.

Make de-cluttering your topmost priority

While you are living in a house, you cannot hold back the amount of clutter that gets created during the period.

However, when you wish to sell it out, it is important to get rid of the extra clutter that is no longer needed in the house.

Take good 3-4 days of your busy life and set it apart for cleaning your house off the mess.

In addition to de-cluttering, you would also like to make your house presentable when visitors come in.

Re-arrange cabinets

Buyers have the tendency to look into every corner of the house when inspecting it from the buying perspective.

As such, there are higher chances of them opening up room cabinets and closets for closer observation of the storage facilities available there.

To make a better impression of how you live and maintain the house, rearrange the bedroom closet and cabinets properly.

Rent out a temporary storage unit

In case you have an abundance of items at your home that simply fail to get accommodated in the available storage units, you can consider renting a separate temporary self-storage unit.

Remove all the extra items of your home and store it away in a storage container.

This will help in making your home appear more attractive, clean, and well-organized to the buyers.

Ensure minor repairs & fixes are done

As you continue living in a home for several years, there are chances of something going wrong every now & then.

However, when you wish to present your home to the buyers for a potential sale, it is important to get rid of all possible problems in the house.

Repairs and fixes of the minor faults in your home can either make or break the deal.

Here are some tips:

Make your house spackle

Cleaning your home while showing it to the potential buyers should go beyond the normal day-to-day cleaning.

This might take in a good amount of time & energy.

Be prepared for that.

Plan out a separate day for cleaning your house completely.

Preferably, you should set out on a cleaning spree 1-2 days before the scheduled visit.

Otherwise, your house could get dirty all over again.

Some tips include:

Pay attention to the curb appeal of your home

When it comes to selling your house, most of the owners tend to ignore the curb appeal of the house.

However, this could be the biggest mistake out there.

This is because while getting into your home, the visitors pay the most amount of attention to the exteriors or the curb appeal of the home.

Unkempt, unorganized, and ill-managed exteriors of the home can be a big-time turn-down to your home’s value.

When you are not able to impress the buyers with the exteriors of your home, you might never get them inside your home.

Here are some tips to improve the curb appeal of your home:

Keep your home odor-free

Another important aspect that you need to pay attention to while preparing your home up for sale is to make it smell refreshing and soothing.

Any kinds of bad odors will have a negative impact on the visitors almost instantly.

You would definitely not want your home to smell like a fast-food restaurant.

Get rid of unpleasant scents right away!

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How To Sell Your Home As-Is

Are you planning to sell your home?

Just like buying, selling your house can be equally intimidating.

Right from fixing everything to repainting the house, trimming your garden, enhancing the décor, and so more –you are expected to make sure that your house appears the best when visitors come over.

However, if you are not willing to go through the motions of making all this happen, you can consider selling your home “as-is”.

Most home-sellers are afraid of the term.

It is a situation where, instead of investing a huge amount of money into sprucing up your home, you do not have to do anything except for putting out whatever your home has to present to potential buyers.

There are several reasons you might want to sell your home this way.

Whether you have inherited the home or you wish to make an instant sale –selling the home “as is” can be a difficult task.

Here are some top tips to make sure that you are able to sell your home as quickly and easily as possible.

Listing Your Home

In order to sell your home quickly, you might have to have it listed.

While listing the home, it is important to ensure that you have clearly described the deal “as is”.

This not only serves as an offer for bargain home hunters, but also tends to weed out the buyers who are looking for a move-in ready home.

Homes like these put the burden on the buyers to spend more time and energy to renovate or restore the house.

For instance, the price of the home should be listed such that it turns out to be a fair deal for both the buyers and the sellers.

You can't expect to get top-dollar for the home without putting an up-front investment into repairs and updates.

Disclosing Details

When you are selling your home as-is, it's important to disclose any issues that you're aware of with the property.

Although if you've inherited the property, you might not be away of everything in the home, but you'd want to make sure that was clear.

However, when you have lived in the house, you're generally expected to disclose any issues that you're aware of and even historical maintenance that has been performed on systems within the property.

Home Inspection

While selling the home “as is”, the sellers are not responsible for fixing or repairing anything with the house.

However, the buyers might still wish to perform some due diligence by opting for a home inspection to observe the overall condition of the house.

In case the house inspection turns out some unexpected negative results, they can walk away from the deal or try to come in with a lower offer (which is more likely to be the case).

Pacing Your Way to a Smoother Sale

If you want to ensure that your home sells quickly in its given condition, you might want to look into some ways of raising curb appeal.

Home Staging

If you want to leave an immediate good first impression, it's crucial to stage your home properly.

This requires presenting your home in a more organized manner.

For this, you need to de-clutter your home.

Make sure your home is clean and organized enough to offer a spacious look.

Moreover, you can also keep note of smaller details including ventilation, home odor, decoration, and various other aspects to make the best impression.

Take Professional Help

If you've applied a bunch of tips for raising curb appeal but there seems to still be something missing, consider getting professional help.

In other cases where you really just need to get rid of the home, real estate investors come handy.

Most real estate investors are known for buying homes in as-is in any condition, similar to what we do.

We are able to work with homes in any condition or price range, making cash offers that homeowners can reliably take and walk away from a home without doing any repairs, dealing with closing costs, or waiting months with a listing agent.

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Reasons Why You May Not Want To Sell To An Investor

When it comes to real estate, there are several options for selling your house.

Right from searching the potential buyers all by yourself to taking help from some professional real estate agent, selling your house to a real estate investor, and more –each of the given options come with certain advantages & disadvantages.

If you are going with selling your house to an investor, you must consider all the possible aspects before coming to the final decision.

You must have seen marketing campaigns like “we buy houses”, “we buy the house as-is”, and so on.

For several situations, selling your home to a real estate investor might be a great option.

However, there might be certain instances wherein you might not wish to sell your home to an investor.

Your House is in a Great Shape & Condition

The first situation in which you would not want to sell your home to an investor might be when you have got a house that is in great shape already.

If your house doesn’t need to be painted, fixed up, or repaired as you have taken good care of it, then you might not feel the need for selling your house to an investor.

If you have taken really good care of your house and wish to sell it for making higher profits, you can consider taking help from a reliable real estate agent to help you with it.

You are Not Feeling Motivated

Another situation wherein selling your home to a professional real estate investor might not work for you is if you are not fully motivated to do it.

If you lack motivation towards selling your house at any given moment, you can reconsider your decision of selling it to an investor.

If you have got plenty of time to sell the house and you are in no big hurry, you can consider listing it with some realtor or hiring a real estate agent for the purpose.

House Improvement Weekend Warrior

The third condition in which the experts recommend not selling your house to a real estate investor is if you are a weekend warrior home improvement.

If you like doing profitable DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, then you can save ample amounts of money on renovating or remodeling your house.

Eventually, by saving extra money on these additional expenses, you are able to fetch more profits by selling your house in its best condition.

Your House is Selling Below Market Value

Usually, the investors are aware of the benefits behind the cash offering made by them by purchasing your home “as is”.

There is always some catch behind every move. The price also includes the amount you are paying to make your home sell out quickly.

Not only is there the provision of a discount for the given price ensuring a quicker sale, there are other additional factors as well to why investors buy your home at discounts.

They are required to pay you enough such that you consider a fair deal.

Additionally, they are also required to pay the repair costs, closing costs, back taxes, and holding costs.

There are Scam Artists

There are chances that while looking for potential real estate investors, you might come across some scam artists as well posing as investors.

In order to avoid facing issues with scam investors, you should get the name of the particular investor and research his or her name online to see who they actually are.

Ask for proper references and search for all possible records of successful real estate transactions carried out by them.

While this might be a start, you must do it yourself to ensure that you are working with a reliable company.

Investors do not Require License

One of the factors that differentiate the investors from the real estate agents is that investors do not require any license for carrying out the real estate deals.

As such, selling your house to an investor could be an option that you might like to consider on a serious note.

Do your part of research properly before finalizing over any deal.

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What To Do When Your Home Floods

And ways to get out of an impossible situation A flooded home can be one of the toughest situations to deal with. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you, but in a scenario where your home gets caught in another major flood, like from Hurricane Harvey, you need to know what to do. Recovering from it and restoring your home can mean thousands of dollars in restoration, replacing items lost, and months of an uninhabitable house. So what can you do to minimize the negative impact of a flooded home and what are some other options should you be in the worst case scenario? That’s what we’re going to tackle here.

First things to do when your home takes in water

The number one most important thing to remember if water enters your house is to be careful about actually touching it. It’s never fully clear when electricity is off in a home during a flood, so if water gets in contact with electricity it can pose as a major danger. If you’re able, one thing you can do it attempt to switch off breakers so that you can decrease the risk of shock. Ideally, you’d want to take care of this as soon as it becomes apparent that water might be entering the home. Most of the time, when a flood is looming, the water comes in fairly slowly, so there’s enough time to start taking care of the most important things. The second thing to do is start moving as many absolute necessities as possible into higher ground, like taller furniture, a second floor, or an attic if needed. You want to preserve as much as you can. If you’re taking on that much water, you’ll need to account for multiple days of blackout and possible water inside the home.

Next steps after the water recedes

Once the water has receded, the first step is to start drying everything and removing as much moisture as possible. In the case of a flood, it’ll be tough to get someone out there to help with removing the moisture, but it’s important to at least start removing everything in the home that can retain water. This would include anything cloth like clothing or linens, rugs, couches, and other things that might hold water in. Next, you want to start airing out the interior as much as possible. If you have fans, whether they’re on the ceiling or portable, and you have electricity, it’s time to start getting them going pointing at the walls. Also, it’s likely that the floors are already going to have to come out. Once you’re able to get a professional mold remediation company out to your location, they’re going to start recommending what you need to do as far as the floors and walls go. If it’s soon enough, they’ll be able to salvage some parts by removing moisture and preventing mold, but in other times it’s likely they’ll have to show you how far up the wall you need to start gutting.

What the repair and restoration looks like

Generally, when the water damage is assessed, there’s a water line on the walls that make a clear indication of how far the water got. Everything from the line down has to go. Yea, that means that the sheet rock needs to get ripped up (assuming it wasn’t saved), because if it stays then there will be mold that starts growing from that location. The sheet rock comes out, and the floors also come out. That prevents the material from retaining the water and letting it ride up. When the material comes out, then it needs to be double checked for moisture and you need to have a certified stating that it’s clear. After that, the repairs can begin — new sheet rock, wiring, and floors. Another air quality test must be done to ensure that there is still no moisture before and after the repairs. This is incredibly important for warranty and sales reasons. You want to be able to prove that the tests were made at two different points to ensure that you did things right.

Why you don’t want to leave the moisture in the home

Here’s what happens: As the water sits in the floors and walls, the home begins to heat up. With that, the moisture rises and can start infecting up the walls and frame of the house. When the moisture gets soaked into the wood frame, that’s essentially the beginning of the end. The wood expands and causes all sorts of deformities with the house. We have actually encountered a house that sat for 8 months after Harvey that had never been remediated. The result was that the side of the house was actually bowing out — brick was falling off the exterior of the home. When a house has gotten that bad, then the property can only be sold at land value. The structure itself has gotten bad enough that it must be torn down. As was the case with this particular house in Bellaire, the home could not be salvaged and, by law, it had to be torn down (demolition costs).

The quicker you act, the more you can save

The reality is, if you can react quickly to the water damage, you’re going to be able to save more of the house. Making the remediation a priority will help save as much material as possible, retain the value of the home, and keep the home from entering a worse situation. If, however, your Houston home has been flooded and you’ve not been able to take care of it for any reason, you can give us a call or fill out the homeowner’s form to receive a cash offer for your home. Yes, we will buy homes that have been flooded, and we are willing to pay CASH for it. We can definitely help you get out from under the burden of a flooded house. For more information on what kinds of homes we work with and what kind of situations we operate in, check out our homepage.