Need to sell because of divorce


Move through the process more quickly
Having to go through a divorce is one of the most painful emotional experiences someone can have.

And, unfortunately, a couple going through a divorce needs to handle the division of assets…

The biggest one being the house.

If you’re going through a divorce, then it’s likely that you have both decided that selling the home and splitting the proceeds is the best option.

However, if your home isn’t in the right condition for sale, or if it’s currently out of season and you’d have to sit on the house for months in order to sell it and finalize the divorce, then a cash option might be better for you.
The advantage here is that we can close quickly
Because we’re working with cash and have our own team and process, we can close on the home much more quickly than through a traditional real estate sale.

Instead of waiting months to get the home sold, we can have it done in a matter of days.

That’s a pretty big difference.

Once the home is sold, the division of whatever is left over (assuming you had a mortgage) can be handled be your attorneys and you can take care of the rest of the divorce.

We’ve helped couples be able to put everything behind them by assisting in this process so that it happens much more quickly.

They are then able to move on with their lives.

Give us a call to discuss your particular situation and we can find out what options are available to you.

We buy homes in Houston TX from couples that are looking to sell due to a divorce.

Please note: we won’t be able to give you any legal advise regarding how to handle the home or its division of assets. We’re only able to offer to purchase the home and it’s up to your attorney whether you are qualified to make the sale.
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