Need to sell because of fire damage


Leaving it totally uninhabitable
So your home has been through the unfortunate event of a fire.

There’s often not a lot that can be done with homes that have been partially or completely destroyed by a fire.

Once the fire department has done its thing and put out the flames, what’s left is a massive liability with a very high price tag associated with it.

If you didn’t have home insurance coverage for fire and you don’t have the funds to repair it out of pocket, there’s not a whole lot you can do.

In most cases, you’re not able to get a loan to repair the home, and even if you could, that in addition with your mortgage would be far too high to pay every month.

It can be almost like building an entirely new house, so is it really worth going through that?
Your home can still be sold
Although it won’t be for nearly as much as if it were in good condition and listed on the MLS, your property does still have some value.

In many cases, we can purchase your property so that, at minimum, you’re out from under the mortgage.

In better cases, you can put some cash in your pocket on top of paying off the remaining balance of the mortgage.

The numbers are situational, but you should give us a call regardless.

We are a Houston home buyer company, and we would like to make an offer on the property, which could help you get back on your foot and start anew in a home that you can actually live in.
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