August 20, 2018

Reasons Why You May Not Want To Sell To An Investor

When it comes to real estate, there are several options for selling your house.

Right from searching the potential buyers all by yourself to taking help from some professional real estate agent, selling your house to a real estate investor, and more –each of the given options come with certain advantages & disadvantages.

If you are going with selling your house to an investor, you must consider all the possible aspects before coming to the final decision.

You must have seen marketing campaigns like “we buy houses”, “we buy the house as-is”, and so on.

For several situations, selling your home to a real estate investor might be a great option.

However, there might be certain instances wherein you might not wish to sell your home to an investor.

Your House is in a Great Shape & Condition

The first situation in which you would not want to sell your home to an investor might be when you have got a house that is in great shape already.

If your house doesn’t need to be painted, fixed up, or repaired as you have taken good care of it, then you might not feel the need for selling your house to an investor.

If you have taken really good care of your house and wish to sell it for making higher profits, you can consider taking help from a reliable real estate agent to help you with it.

You are Not Feeling Motivated

Another situation wherein selling your home to a professional real estate investor might not work for you is if you are not fully motivated to do it.

If you lack motivation towards selling your house at any given moment, you can reconsider your decision of selling it to an investor.

If you have got plenty of time to sell the house and you are in no big hurry, you can consider listing it with some realtor or hiring a real estate agent for the purpose.

House Improvement Weekend Warrior

The third condition in which the experts recommend not selling your house to a real estate investor is if you are a weekend warrior home improvement.

If you like doing profitable DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, then you can save ample amounts of money on renovating or remodeling your house.

Eventually, by saving extra money on these additional expenses, you are able to fetch more profits by selling your house in its best condition.

Your House is Selling Below Market Value

Usually, the investors are aware of the benefits behind the cash offering made by them by purchasing your home “as is”.

There is always some catch behind every move. The price also includes the amount you are paying to make your home sell out quickly.

Not only is there the provision of a discount for the given price ensuring a quicker sale, there are other additional factors as well to why investors buy your home at discounts.

They are required to pay you enough such that you consider a fair deal.

Additionally, they are also required to pay the repair costs, closing costs, back taxes, and holding costs.

There are Scam Artists

There are chances that while looking for potential real estate investors, you might come across some scam artists as well posing as investors.

In order to avoid facing issues with scam investors, you should get the name of the particular investor and research his or her name online to see who they actually are.

Ask for proper references and search for all possible records of successful real estate transactions carried out by them.

While this might be a start, you must do it yourself to ensure that you are working with a reliable company.

Investors do not Require License

One of the factors that differentiate the investors from the real estate agents is that investors do not require any license for carrying out the real estate deals.

As such, selling your house to an investor could be an option that you might like to consider on a serious note.

Do your part of research properly before finalizing over any deal.

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