August 22, 2018

Steps To Preparing Your House For Sale

Ready to sell out your home?

As a seller, you would definitely wish to sell your home quickly and with the highest profits.

However, in order to ensure this, a lot of advance planning and prepping up goes into play.

Right from preparing your house for the sale to staging it right –there are a lot of factors that you need to consider while selling your home.

Owing to the high availability of high-end luxury homes as well as affordable real estate options out there, the buyers have become quite picky.

Buyers keep looking for the best as per their unique requirements.

Therefore, if your home is not in its pristine condition, it could easily slip through the buyer’s mind.

To help you out, here are some pro tips to aid you in preparing your house for a quick sale.


You must, first of all, accept the fact that you have to let go of your home some day.

Learning to let go is the most important aspect of preparing yourself and the home towards a quicker sale.

To ensure that you do not attach yourself much to the house anymore, pack away all your personal photographs, family heirlooms, and other private items.

The buyers should not see such artifacts as it would be difficult for them to imagine the house as theirs.

Make de-cluttering your topmost priority

While you are living in a house, you cannot hold back the amount of clutter that gets created during the period.

However, when you wish to sell it out, it is important to get rid of the extra clutter that is no longer needed in the house.

Take good 3-4 days of your busy life and set it apart for cleaning your house off the mess.

In addition to de-cluttering, you would also like to make your house presentable when visitors come in.

Re-arrange cabinets

Buyers have the tendency to look into every corner of the house when inspecting it from the buying perspective.

As such, there are higher chances of them opening up room cabinets and closets for closer observation of the storage facilities available there.

To make a better impression of how you live and maintain the house, rearrange the bedroom closet and cabinets properly.

Rent out a temporary storage unit

In case you have an abundance of items at your home that simply fail to get accommodated in the available storage units, you can consider renting a separate temporary self-storage unit.

Remove all the extra items of your home and store it away in a storage container.

This will help in making your home appear more attractive, clean, and well-organized to the buyers.

Ensure minor repairs & fixes are done

As you continue living in a home for several years, there are chances of something going wrong every now & then.

However, when you wish to present your home to the buyers for a potential sale, it is important to get rid of all possible problems in the house.

Repairs and fixes of the minor faults in your home can either make or break the deal.

Here are some tips:

  • Replace the cracked tiles or countertop tiles
  • Patch holes (if present) in the walls
  • Fix leaky and faulty faucets
  • Fix doors that are either jammed or difficult to close
  • Go for painting the walls in neutral shades
  • Replace the fused bulbs and other lighting options

Make your house spackle

Cleaning your home while showing it to the potential buyers should go beyond the normal day-to-day cleaning.

This might take in a good amount of time & energy.

Be prepared for that.

Plan out a separate day for cleaning your house completely.

Preferably, you should set out on a cleaning spree 1-2 days before the scheduled visit.

Otherwise, your house could get dirty all over again.

Some tips include:

  • Wash windows and window panes
  • Rent a pressure washer and spray down the exterior walls and sidewalks
  • Clean out any cobwebs that might linger in the corners or on the ceilings or ceiling fans
  • Polish mirrors and chrome faucets
  • Vacuum corners of the home
  • Replace worn-out carpets and rugs
  • Dust furniture
  • Clean out the refrigerator and microwave

Pay attention to the curb appeal of your home

When it comes to selling your house, most of the owners tend to ignore the curb appeal of the house.

However, this could be the biggest mistake out there.

This is because while getting into your home, the visitors pay the most amount of attention to the exteriors or the curb appeal of the home.

Unkempt, unorganized, and ill-managed exteriors of the home can be a big-time turn-down to your home’s value.

When you are not able to impress the buyers with the exteriors of your home, you might never get them inside your home.

Here are some tips to improve the curb appeal of your home:

  • Mow the lawn properly
  • Keep sidewalks clear and free from any weeds or excess grass creeping in
  • Trim the bushes in your lawn
  • Try planting yellow flowers as these infuse a positive sense of freshness
  • Paint faded window trims or exterior walls of the house
  • Make sure curtain hangings on the windows are at an even level

Keep your home odor-free

Another important aspect that you need to pay attention to while preparing your home up for sale is to make it smell refreshing and soothing.

Any kinds of bad odors will have a negative impact on the visitors almost instantly.

You would definitely not want your home to smell like a fast-food restaurant.

Get rid of unpleasant scents right away!

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