August 24, 2018

What Home Improvements Add the Most Value

Are you considering remodeling your home?

Remodeling your home can be a great pastime.

Moreover, by renovating your house, you are also bringing in positive changes by enhancing the overall décor of your home.

There is no denying the fact that various home improvements tend to add great value to your home.

When you invest in remodeling your house, its overall value increases significantly as you will be making any sale.

If you are looking forward to bring about effective home improvements, here are some useful ones that could enhance your home’s value:

Hardwood flooring refinish

Refinishing of the hardwood flooring might involve a lot of manpower and time.

However, the results turn out to be amazing towards accentuating the overall looks of your home.

As per a recent report, refinishing of the hardwood floors tend to have a high project recovery value of as much as 100 percent.

This implies that in the given study 100 percent of the entire project costs had been recouped when the particular houses were sold.

On an average, the refinishing of the hardwood floors might cost around $2500, but the aesthetic and monetary results are all worth it in the end.

Moreover, it also makes the hardwood flooring last longer.

Minor bathroom renovations

With an average return during resale at 102 percent, the minor renovations brought about in the bathroom area could be highly profitable.

Costing around $10,500 towards replacing the bathroom tiles, tub, toilet, sink, faucets, fixtures, vanity, and flooring, you might get around $10,700 during resale –generating a recoup rate of 102 percent.

If your bathroom tub is too large, you can get re-glazed for offering a new finish at just around $300-$400.

Additionally, you can also go for removing the outdated wall coverings, damaged walls, and other dull items in your bathroom for a refreshing look throughout.

Insulation upgrade

Though this might sound not too pleasing or aesthetically exciting remodeling venture, it is important to ensure that the insulation system in your home is working perfectly.

This will significantly affect the overall value of your home.

As per a recent report by NAR, when you bring about effective insulation upgrade in your home, it tends to have around 95 percent of the project recovery value.

An effective insulation upgrade will make your home highly energy-efficient and will ensure a comfortable living to the home-dwellers under all weather conditions –making your home cooler during summers and warmer during winters.

Though upgrading your home’s insulation system might not enhance its aesthetic value, but it will definitely escalate the monetary value.


With an average return during resale at 100 percent, landscaping is another important aspect to be considered by the home-owners.

Not sure where you should start?

There are several local garden centers or service providers offering the landscaping improvement services.

A splash of bright colors on the home’s front tends to be highly eye-catching at the first glance.

For creating a maximum impact, make use of a single color and create variations in the height of the plants.

If the doorway of your home is filled with ample greenery, trim them to create more space and an overall clean look.

A magnetic focal point like the fountain or a walkway adds significant value to your property.

Kitchen upgrade

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home.

It is that place of the home wherein you along with your family tend to spend the most of quality time.

When you have an upgraded kitchen with amazing looks and high-end features, your kitchen can definitely help in selling the house quickly and at greater values.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your kitchen area is well-kept and maintained properly.

A full-time kitchen renovation might turn out to be slightly expensive.

As such, you can go for upgrading minor details like replacing the countertops, upgrading the appliances, applying a fresh coat of paint, and other changes could work a long way towards appealing the buyers.

As per a report, the kitchen upgrade tends to have an average project return value of around 67 percent.

Exterior Improvements

Having an attractive curb appeal of your home can play a major role in getting ample attention from your visitors.

With an average return during resale at 95.5 percent, the improvements done to your home’s curb appeal can be highly lucrative.

A gallon of paint can be used for covering around 400 square feet of the house.

For an overall updated look, remove the old, outdated awnings from the doors & windows of your home.

Additionally, switch damaged wrought-iron railings with real wooden support to ensure a more welcoming entry.

Give your bare, charmless front porch an amazing makeover by adding columns and a pergola.

Basement remodeling

With an average return value during resale at 90.1 percent, the basement is another area of your home that you must consider upgrading for increasing the value of your property.

Go for refinishing the walls and flooring of the basement area for a refreshed look.

Always try to fix the flooding problems (if any) first before anything else.

Add bigger gutters, French drains, or try re-sloping the yard for keeping the water out of your home’s basement area.

Make sure that you have tested the fixes well before investing any additional changes into the room.

Cover the concrete floors with modular flooring that is easy to install and will not be too cold during the winter season.

You can also include attractive carpets and rugs to enhance the overall looks.

Try out these major home improvements that tend to add a great deal of value to your home.

By ensuring these changes in your property, you are increasing the value of your home during the sale.

If you have home-selling in your mind anytime soon, it is important to bring about major home improvements in order to obtain higher profits during the sale.

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